X takes on Linkedin with it’s beta hiring feature

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A beta version of the new X Hiring function, which enables verified organizations to post positions on their accounts, is now available.
Elon Musk has added a new job posting option to the social media platform. As part of his latest effort to transform X (previously Twitter) into an all-purpose application.

The new function, which is still in beta, is only accessible to recognized organizations. Or those that have paid a minimum of $1,000 for the gold tick to appear next to their names. This subscription for verification costs businesses about €1,168 in Ireland.

X recently validated the rumors by releasing the X Hiring Beta to enable verified organizations’ early access

There had been rumors last month that X is aiming to take on LinkedIn with a new feature. In a similar way to how LinkedIn allows businesses to advertise job openings to draw in qualified people. It will enable businesses and organizations to “feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates”.

The business shared a profile screenshot of Vercel, one of these verified businesses. Which reveals a We’re Hiring section underneath the company bio and above the postings. While the beta recruiting tool competes with LinkedIn in one area of its business—job postings. X remains far behind LinkedIn in terms of providing a whole set of capabilities geared toward networking and job seeking.

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In the meantime, Meta’s Threads social media platform, which unveiled a web version of its app last week to bolster falling usage, has resurrected some competition for the platform.

‘There were rumors earlier this month that X adds a five-second delay if a user follows a link that directs them to specific URLs Musk doesn’t like. The claim was first made on 15 August by a user on the Hacker News site, and it was later supported by a Washington Post investigation.
Days later, it emerged that X had been penalized $350,000 in the US for delaying the release of information about Donald Trump’s Twitter account to investigators.

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