Written Update for KUCH Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi: Ayush Comforts Suhana

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Ishwari attempts to explain to Mrs. Verma as she begins to argue over losing her kid at the beginning of the episode. When she threatens them, Dev becomes irate. They shouldn’t remove Suhana from the family, according to Ayush. He queries Mrs. Verma as to whether she is able to witness his happiness in the family as well as Suhana’s. He requests that they consider it. They were about to accept Sanjana’s arguments, but she again tricks them. Suhana is consoled by Ayush after learning that Dev and Sonakshi are not her parents. He describes the value of a child to a parent.

Neha observes her pregnancy report while paying attention to his statements. She calls Rohit with joy. Dev is informed by Sonakshi that Sanjana has asked her to get a divorce from him in order to have Suhana. Dev becomes enraged, but Sonakshi stops him by reminding him of Suhana. When they both enter Suhana’s chamber, Ayush is there keeping watch over a sleeping Suhana. They give Ayush honor. The following morning, Dev and Sonakshi try to persuade Suhana to eat. Sonakshi refers to her as her princess and said that the first time she held her hands was the best moment of her life. Dev remembers how he didn’t realize she was his daughter when they first met. Any comfort they offered Suhana received no response. Ayush arrives and uses her laptop to display her joyful interactions with Dev and Sonakshi. Suhana smiles when she sees it.

Dev and Sonakshi went to see Mr. and Mrs. Verna to try to persuade them not to marry Sanjana. They assert that Sanjana is a master manipulator who exploits them for her own nefarious ends. She claims that Sanjana is hiding behind Dev and that Suhana is what she turned to when she was unable to obtain Dev for her fixation. Drinks are delivered by Sanjana for everyone. Sanjana was correct, according to Mrs. Verma, and they are only there to damage her reputation. Sanjana plays the victim role, claiming that people are blaming her since she is alone herself. She is aided by Mr. and Mrs. Verma. Dev and Sonakshi are greeted at the door by Sanjana, who makes fun of them and claims that she will do anything to achieve her goals. Sonakshi’s attorney claims in court that Dev and Sonakshi were defrauded by Ayush’s father Rohit by switching the infants and makes an argument in their favor.

Additionally, he claims that Mr. and Mrs. Verma lack the financial stability to care for Suhana. Sanjana’s attorney responds by saying that since Sanjana is Suhana’s Maasi, she is entitled to greater rights than Dev and Sonakshi. Sanjana speaks to her attorney. Sanjana was being questioned by a lawyer when she said that Dev and Sonakshi had gone through marriage counseling and had been apart for a long time. He also mentions Ayush evading his family. They are shocked by his assertion that they are unsuitable to be parents.

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