Worldwide viral meme, Pooja what is this behaviour’s book, Yes you can be a viral reality show star becomes an Amazon bestseller!

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The visuals of Pooja breaking a broom and mouthing her iconic dialouges,You are asking for it,You are dying for it,have hardly left us when in comes the news that the worldwide viral meme which is being echoed by hollywood biggies like Kal Penn and Khloe Kardashian is publishing her first book, Yes you can be a viral reality show star.
Very few people have a flair with words when it comes to writing. Pooja Misra is one such writer who articulates her thoughts beautifully be it in articles for international and national publications, her blogs or her scripts. She has contributed many articles to “Her World” magazine (Singapore), Gulf News (Dubai), Airport Magazine (India), Perfect Woman (monthly column), (monthly column), Zoom Delhi newspaper (weekly column), celebrity blogger for times of India’s website for two consecutive years in a row…Millennium post (Delhi), Lifestyle Asia, besides many others. Not many know that she regularly writes her own scripts for the tv shows she produces and has garnered accolades for her writing worldwide. Here is one gifted lady who has the versatility to write about anything under the sun. She has the volatile mix of wit, imagination and seamless expression of her thoughts. We look forward to more masterpieces from the lady who can weave magic with her
words as well as murder us with her honesty.In this new book which has already hit the Amazon Bestseller no. 1 spot within hours of it’s release, Pooja takes us into an elaborate journey of the reality show sphere,where she kicks off by educating us about the various types of reality shows that exist,bluntly summing it up as the “REALITY” of reality shows.Then Pooja tells us what makes reality television an unparalleled craze,punctuating right in the next chapter ,the flipside of it all.Pooja then very generously doles out secrets on how even you can be a viral reality show star wherein she helps one develop their personality to shine as well as gives tips on how to score at the auditions.Upnext Pooja talks about how to master the game and go for the kill, this makes for a really interesting chapter as she takes us through secrets that reality show producers would never tell you.Last but not the least Pooja actually gives a chance for you to be mentored by Pooja herself at the end of which she would go on to give you a break in her award winning reality show,Spare me the crab mentality….
Pooja has been running her own registered proprietorship firm, Pooja Misra Production since 2012 and has created various tv shows, web series, written 4 books and is in the process of making a reality show, music video and short film.
Here is a book you dont want to miss!

Pooja’s latest book, “Yes you can be a viral reality show star! ” is live on Pothi as well as Amazon… And she has a very exciting giveaway around it, wherein Pooja is giving away cash prizes to the first 10 people who purchase her book and write reviews about it on pothi, goodreads, insta, fb, amazon etc. To win cash you can participate by clicking this link….


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