World’s First Electric Car Charging Road Opens In Sweden

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Sweden has launched the first electrified road in the world for recharging automobiles and other vehicles. The project, which is close to Stockholm, was started when it was announced that Sweden would no longer be dependent on fossil fuels as of 2030. The highway runs from the Stockholm Arlanda airport to PostNord, a local logistics facility. The construction now covers only 2 km. Each of the 50m-long parts of the road is powered only when a car drives over it.

electric road charging sweden

The charging procedure is completed when the car is no longer moving. The user’s monthly electricity bill is subsequently increased by the calculated amount of energy consumption. It is more practical to use “dynamic charging” than standard roadside charging. This enables the use of smaller battery packs if widely adopted.


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vehicle recharging road electric

The setup is integrated into a typical route with the intention of growing in the future. The Swedish government hopes to significantly reduce air pollution through this effort. Vehicles are responsible for 70% of that pollution, according to research.

on road recharging electric vehicle

Two rail tracks conveying energy are used to power the system. They are attached to the bottom of the car by a moveable arm. Similar to a slot-car racing toy, the method works. But, the primary distinction is that should the car overtake, the connection is immediately severed.

Sweden Electric Road Project

The eRoadArlanda group is in charge of the entire project. According to its Chief Executive, Hans Säll, the breakthrough can lower the cost of developing electric vehicles and increase the range of hybrids.

eRoadArlanda Group

He further remarked, “Highways totaling 20,000 km will be more than enough if they are electrified. Electric cars can already drive that distance between two motorways without needing to be recharged, and the distance between them is never more than 45 kilometers. According to some, 5,000 kilometers may be electrified.”

EV charging road in sweden

Even if one kilometer of the project costs one million euros to build, the construction cost is still over 50 times less than that of a typical tram line. The project is therefore perfect for highways. There are also no risk considerations because the conductor is efficiently buried and earthed. The technology is mainly intended for electric trucks, which are yet uncommon.

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