‘Wonder Woman 1984’: This key scene at the end changed during filming

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Wonder Woman 1984 , the sequelto Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman , has shown the superhero taking on Barbara Minerva / Cheetah ( Kristen Wiig ) and Maxwell Lord ( Pedro Pascal ). The outcome has divided viewers of the film directed by Patty Jenkins . In it, Diana, instead of fighting Maxwell Lord, decides to show him kindness and truth through a speech in which she was not only addressing him, but also all of humanity. During those moments, the protagonist looks at the camera. However, this detail of the scene was not originally intended that way.

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Gadot has revealed that the idea came up during the film’s production and has done so through his Twitter account when responding to a user of the social network. Hello, Gal Gadot. I want to know: That scene where Diana speaks to humanity, was it intentional to watch how she does it by looking at the audience? I cried a lot with that ”, asks @achagadot. “Yes. It occurred to us while we were filming… I just shifted my gaze towards the camera, ” explains the actress.

Did you like that moment in the movie? Thanks to Diana’s speech and the help of the Lasso de la Verdad , the protagonist gets all those who had made a wish to renounce it. Also Maxwell Lord, whose son was in danger after the chaos generated by the villain’s plan.

Wonder Woman 1984 features in its cast the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor , who sacrificed himself in World War I in Wonder Woman (2017) to help Diana defeat Ares . On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

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