‘Wonder Woman 1984’: This is the sequel’s ‘No Man’s Land’, according to Patty Jenkins

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

There is a scene that comes to the minds of fans of the DC cinematic universe when Wonder Woman (2017) is mentioned . The solo debut of the superheroine played by Gal Gadot contains a moment that made more than one goof. We refer, of course, to ‘No Man’s Land’ , the sequence in which Diana leaves the trenches alone to face the enemy in full battle. With the premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 , the sequel about the Amazon, there are those who have tried to find the version of this scene in the new Wonder Woman adventure. You don’t have to keep looking, Patty Jenkins, director of both deliveries, has answered that question.

At first, the director has admitted that she did not believe that her sequel had a similar sequence, since the two films are different. Later, he has acknowledged that he believes that the moment in which Diana learns to fly is the ‘No Man’s Land’ of Wonder Woman 1984 .

“I love that scene. It’s one of my favorites in film history and I love it, ”Jenkins begins, referring to a moment in Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) in which the superhero flies alongside Lois Lane. “People always said, ‘What’s’ No Man’s Land’? What’s the ‘No Man’s Land’ [in the sequel]? ‘ And I would answer: ‘There is not going to be a’ No Man’s Land ‘because it is a different movie. There are going to be nuances! ” , adds in CBR .

“But, in a way, that’s ‘No Man’s Land.’ It’s a different time when she has to make a brave decision for herself. Facing pain in that way was ‘No Man’s Land’, and she takes that Steve emotion with her skyward . So yeah, it’s a huge compliment. I’m very happy to hear this ”, he concludes.

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As you may recall, Diana learns to fly without help from the Lasso of Truth after giving up her wish: for Steve Trevor ( Chris Pine ) to return to her life. In order to regain her powers – the wishing stone has taken the best of her by granting her request – Wonder Woman must let go of her love. Chris Pine’s character sacrificed himself in Wonder Woman to help the Amazon defeat Ares and, now that she has him back in her life, the protagonist faces the hardest moment of the film by saying goodbye to him. After this, Diana regains her powers and embarks, mired in pain after losing Steve a second time, to face Barbara Minerva / Cheetah (Kristen Wiig ) and Maxwell Lord ( Pedro Pascal ).

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