‘Woman (Kadin)’: Arif and Bahar’s first kiss leaves us the most exciting scene of the series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

I cry because one wants his beloved to be well. He wants her to smile, to always be happy. He wants to tell her how beautiful she is.” Who wouldn’t give a kiss to someone who said these words? Arif ( Feyyaz Duman ) and Bahar ( Özge Özpirinçci ) have had a romantic kiss in the last episode of Woman (Kadin), causing the networks to explode, once again, due to the relationship between the protagonists.

In the December 1 episode, Arif managed to get there in time to save Bahar’s life by taking her to the hospital. Once she is recovered, they both have a very tender conversation that culminates in an expected kiss. “I know why you cry. Because I have never kissed you. ”

Logically, the moment has been the most commented on in networks by the most loyal fans who had been waiting for the kiss for almost 40 episodes. Messages like that of the user @ Chicabond16, who wanted to share her opinion about fiction with everyone: “I remember again that Mujer (Kadin) is one of the fucking best series I’ve seen, showing the reality of many people in the world and that transmits wonderful values ”.

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Despite the joy that this kiss has brought to the ‘fandom’, we still have to wait to see what happens to Bahar, who is not in his best moment of health and it becomes clear that he needs the transplant urgently.

For those who do not know the plot of the series, Kadin focuses on the story of Bahar, a woman who has lost her husband and has been left alone in charge of her two young children. Her relationship with her husband Sarp ( Caner Cindoruk ) was strong and happy, so the impact on their lives has been very strong. However, as a good Turkish soap opera, there are many surprises in store for the protagonist.

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