Winter Water Consumption: How much Water is it Necessary to Drink

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Winter Water Consumption: Why their is a need for water for everyone? All Flora and Fauna needs water for their basic life. Water is an essential element for all the living organisms present in this planet. A human body consists of 60 percent weight/body. Life without water is impossible. Our body uses water in cells, tissues, organs as per the needs.
It helps to regulate the bodily temperature and to maintain other body functions. Our body tends to loose water through many biological processes such as breathing, sweating, digestion. It is necessary to rehydrate your body. So that existing water can be replaced and maintained for further processes.

Importance of water in human life?

  • Water helps to produce saliva, which is needed to break down solid. Saliva also helps to maintain the health of mouth.
  • Stay hydrated! Water helps to regulate the body temperature.
  • It helps positively: bones, spinal cord, tissues, cells. Water provides fluidity and lubrication between joints which in turn keeps us physically active.
  • Water helps us in the process of excretion. Our body uses water to excrete out harmful components through urination and bowel movement.
  • Helps us to boost up our health and confidence.

How much water should we drink in winters?

There is no set amount of water that should be consumed, according to the doctor. It can vary depending on the time, place, and season. The doctor recommends keeping a water bottle nearby so that you can drink water whenever you feel thirsty. How much water should we drink? In winter one should be drinking 3-4 liters of water daily. You don’t need to drink all at once. Instead drink it every few hours.

Benefits of Warm Water

In case you’re having a stuffy nose during winter. Drinking warm water can be the solution. It clears your nasal passage and helps to breathe more easily. Before having meal, one should consume lukewarm water for better absorption and digestion. Hot water makes digestion much more easier by breaking down solid food waste more efficiently. Consuming warm water makes your nerves to calm down. Which leads to calmer you. Making you more focused and aligned.

Benefits for Cold water

Only to feel good! As such there are no benefits of drinking cold water. It may feel good but it doesn’t mean it will do good too. There are plenty of negative effects of drinking cold water. Cold water may result to sore throat, which makes your respiratory tract more vulnerable for infections. Cold Water decreases our heart rate. It stimulates the heart rate which results in low. Summer or Winter? One should always look for warm water over cold one.

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