Will Charmed Season 4 Be Available On Netflix This Year?

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Charmed season 4 is formally happening on The CW. Like previous seasons, it is going to come to Netflix, but does it happen in 2021?

The very first two seasons of Charmed are now on Netflix. While the bargain between Netflix and The CW has come to an end, shows that were already part of this deal nevertheless head to Netflix at the end of their seasons. This will last until the shows’ final seasons after which the shows stick around for a few years that.

With this in mind, we are aware that Charmed season 4 will visit Netflix. The witchy series has already been renewed for a fourth season by The CW.

The Vera-Vaughn sisters are coming for another season. We don’t know exactly when it will premiere because of The CW’s recent scheduling. Fall shows were pushed to January 2021, and that’s when Charmed season 3 was established. Changes to the schedule could have a knock-on impact on whenever the fourth season will premiere on The CW.

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Will Charmed Season 4 Be Available On Netflix This Year?

Charmed Season 4

As of right now, The CW has not set a premiere date for Charmed season 4. The oldest it is likely to be is autumn 2021.

It is not the premiere date which affects if the series will arrive on Netflix. It’s all about the final date. CW shows arrive on Netflix in complete eight days following the season finale date.

It’s unlikely that the fourth season will finish in 2021. The oldest that the final date is very likely to be is May 2022. That means we are considering May 2022 as the first time that the season will be on Netflix.

The great news for Charmed lovers however is that Charmed season 3 is very likely to arrive in 2021. There will at least be a few”new” episodes to watch on Netflix.

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