Why You Should Be Excited About Netflix’s Master Of The Universe Revelation?

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Remember the childhood days of you being bombarded with Mattel advertisements and cartoon figures. Master of the universe had an equally popular figurine character called “He-Man”, a brawny superhero that was a hot favorite among the kids and teens. The name might sound corny but remember it was the eighties when the cartoon aired for the first time and it was the best that the writers could come up with.

Nevertheless, Netflix is reviving the childhood superhero series with an equally gory and adult take titled Master of the Universe Revelation which is set to release this July. A trailer showcasing the gore and action sequences is already up and it has us even more excited. It can be easily summed up as the most awaited animation series of the decade.

Masters Of The Universe Plot Revelation?

The USP of this Master Of The Universe series lies in its simplicity of plot that is the classic good versus evil story. The primary character is a prince who turns into a he-man by using the sword of power that transforms into the brawny superhero capable of defeating evil. The series has its fair share of magical beings, superpowers, and fantasy as well that culminates into an engaging plot. He-man battles Skeletor, his arch-nemesis who is hell-bent if recapturing the castle. Skeletor is voiced by the great Mark Hamil, whose fame is enough to drive this series to the pinnacle.

Why revive it?

Why not? Much older series with great storylines are getting a reboot and there is no reason that our childhood hero mustn’t get one chance. Masters of the Universe Revelation is being revived after 40 long years and it deserves the hype surrounding it. The trailer doesn’t disclose any of the major plot elements except the heroes battling the villain.

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There is no indication of the storyline line beginning from the first episode or continuing from where the series left off. Whatever may be the case, it is a fresh take with loud action and EDM background music which will be available on Netflix on July 23.

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