Why OnePlus TV Price hike? Reasons here

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
OnePlus Tv Price

OnePlus TV prices have introduced a massive hike in the existing prices, with some models going north of 50 per cent price increase as compared to the launch price. The price hike is reflecting among all the TV sets sold by OnePlus and is bad news for consumers waiting for the prices to come down during sales. Even if they do the net effect will still cause you to pay a higher amount for even older TV models by the brand. Realme TV also hiked the prices of its 32 and 40-inch variants by quite a bit and this tradition is slowly being picked up by most brands.


The reasons behind the price hike are the repercussions of the pandemic and the worldwide shortage of components in the electronic industry. Everything from processors, graphics cards, TV panels, have become less available and more expensive. The shortage is further amplifying the price hike as manufacturers are demanding more money as the difficulty to obtain raw materials is also increasing day by day. The consumers have to bear the burden of this abrupt shortage and as the trend indicates, the prices won’t be back to their original state, not for a long time. The pricing will surely plummet the sales because the purchasing power of the consumer is steadily declining as well, and sales appear to offer nothing enticing for the consumers.

OnePlus TV New Prices

The latest OnePlus TV U1S series includes three models — 50-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models that launched last month for Rs. 39,999, Rs. 47,999, and Rs. 62,999 respectively. The lowest size TV by OnePlus has the largest bump in price which now becomes 46999 for the 50-inch variant. Similarly, the 55 inch TV has undergone a price increase of 60000 rupees making it a Rs 53999 product. The largest-sized TV has the smallest price hike among the three with a 5000 bump in the price which now sells at 67999. Smart TVs aren’t economical anymore and this continuing trend may deter people from upgrading frequently. 

OnePlus is yet to state the price increase and if the brand is planning something to keep the pricing under control. Realme and Xiaomi have been vocal about the material shortage and hiccups in production that has caused the prices to soar so high.

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