Why Indian students go to Ukraine for medical studies, know the big reason in 5 points

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Interviewer PR

Why Indians go to Ukraine to study MBBS: Hundreds of Indians are trapped there amidst the conditions of war in Ukraine. Among them, the number of Indians who went to Ukraine for medical studies is also very high. Why do Indian students come to Ukraine for medical studies? Know the reason for this in 5 points?

War in Ukraine (Russia Ukraine war hundreds of Indians are trapped there amidst the circumstances. Among them, the number of Indians who came to Ukraine for medical studies is also very high. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 18,095 Indian students are trapped there. Out of these, a large number of students from Haryana (Haryana) and Punjab (Punjab) belong to. Experts say, a large number of Indian students MBBS (MBBS) in UkraineMBBS) to reach for studies. It is more convenient to do MBBS in Ukraine than in India.

Why Indian students reach Ukraine for medical studies and how they get benefits, know in 5 points the big reason for this…

1- Worldwide recognition of MBBS here

Indian Express According to this, MBBS done from Ukraine is recognized all over the world. Indian Medical Council, World Health Council, Europe and UK have degrees here. In this way, students doing MBBS from here get a chance to work in most of the countries of the world. This is also a big reason for Indian students to do MBBS from Ukraine.

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2- Against India Studies cheap

10 to 12 lakh rupees are charged annually for MBBS studies in private institutions of India. For about 5 years of MBBS studies, students have to pay fees ranging from 50 to 60 lakh rupees, whereas it is not so in Ukraine. For MBBS studies in Ukraine, 4 to 5 lakh rupees are required annually. That is, the total cost of completing studies for 5 years is much less than in India.

3- It is necessary to qualify NEET

NEET is conducted for admission to MBBS in the country. On the basis of marks obtained in the examination, students are given admission in government and private colleges. NEET score matters a lot for admission in India, whereas in Ukraine qualifying NEET is a big condition. Marks don’t matter that much, that’s why Indian students go to Ukraine for MBBS.

4- Fewer MBBS seats in India

An MBBS student says, “Many times more students appear in the NEET exam than the number of seats available for MBBS in India. Students who are not able to take admission here due to lack of seats have the option of Ukraine. The number of such students doing MBBS from Ukraine is also not less.

5- Ukraine’s infrastructure is also a big reason

A student studying medicine in Ukraine says that Ukraine is better in terms of infrastructure. That’s why students reach here too. However, like India, better practical exposure is available here too. In this way, there are many reasons for doing MBBS in Ukraine, which students decide according to their situation.



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