Why Indian School Should be Open?

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Delhi School

Schools and all other educational institutions have been closed for over a year now online education is the main source of knowledge and have become new normal . But is that really normal? With a rise in Covid cases parents are worried about their children’s health as well education. Everyone has a mixed opinion about school being reopen. 

With the increase in vaccination dose,it will be more likely  that schools will be reopenreopen soon. Their is a evidence that school being closed there is emotional and mental impact on  children. During the pandemic as online classes have become the new normal study shows that children’s have lost interest in education as they can’t understand and relate to the teaching of the teacher on online portal. In the US and UK, studies have reported an uptick in student suicide and children starting on anti-depressant. 

Online education is a very poor substitute of physical education as teachers couldn’t give attention to the students personally and hence the children’s are more likely are loosing Interested in classes they are not only emotionally but also are mentally affected ny this type of education. McKinsey report concluded that school shut down in the second quarter of 2020 put students up to six months behind their cohort in academic milestones in comparison to peers who attended in-person classes. 

A report suggested that children  are at lowest risk to be affected by the virus. So it’s better for the mental, physical &social health of the children the schools should be reopened. As classes from 9-12 has already bei g reopened other classes should be opened to and should be the priority of the government of each state. All schools should be reopened keeping in mind the guidelines of Covid. 

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The data collected from Sweden are reassuring. Nearly 2 million kids attended school from March to June, as the outbreak surged. Kids were not asked to wear masks. Despite this, only 15 kids developed severe COVID-19 or multi-inflammatory syndrome requiring ICU stay, of whom four had underlying medical problems. No children died.

School, college’s and all other educational institutions should be opened  so that future of the student doesn’t move towards darkness and failure

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