Why Every Modern Business Needs To Collect An Email List

Lyndia Ruddick
Lyndia Ruddick
Why Every Modern Business Needs To Collect An Email List

As a modern business owner, there’s a lot you need to do to keep your business afloat from one day to the next. Ranging from overseeing your employees and communicating with clients through to maintaining your website, publishing blog posts, and regularly posting on social media, there’s no shortage of tasks to be done. 

Unfortunately, being busy often leads business owners and managers to forgo certain aspects of operating their business to focus on more important things. 

Building an email list is often one task that gets tossed by the wayside. 

However, having a growing email list and regularly sending personalized emails is often one of the most effective marketing channels businesses can use to sell products or services to their ideal customers. 

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Below, we’re exploring the importance of email marketing and why it’s worth investing in email! 

Because Email Marketing Is Effective

Although any type of marketing can be effective, email marketing is often the most effective way to sell products or services to consumers. 

Experts say that email marketing is roughly 40 times more effective than social media marketing. According to one study, for every $1 invested into an email, businesses, on average, can obtain an ROI of $42. 

That’s a 4200% return on your investment! 

And if that isn’t a good reason to start investing in email marketing and building your email list, I don’t know what is! 

Because Email Marketing Is More Personal

If I were to walk up to you on the street, hand you my business card, and ask you to visit my website, no matter how fancy my card’s logo and design, you probably wouldn’t follow through with my request. 

However, if I were to get to know you first, so that I’m no longer a stranger on the street, and then I hand you my card and ask you to visit my site, there’d be a considerably better chance of you following through. 

The same can be said with marketing; the more personal and meaningful the connection between a business and its customer, the more likely it is to make sales successfully. 

Unlike other forms of marketing, email communications are sent directly to your target audience’s inbox, meaning that an email is already more personal than writing a blog or posting something to social media. 

For the audience, this form of marketing is much more personal and makes them feel more connected to the business they hear from. 

When you pair that with consistent branding, logos, and imagery in your emails, you can almost guarantee that next sale! Create custom logos and designs with LogoCreator’s free logo maker!

Because You Own Your Email List

When you use social media, such as Facebook, connecting your business with thousands of followers is easy. But what would happen if Facebook crashed or was suddenly taken offline? 

Every one of your contacts would disappear just like that! And, unless you’d kept your followers’ contact info written down somewhere, you’d be left scrabbling, trying to find ways to communicate with your loyal followers.  On the other hand, when you build an email list, you own that list! 

In other words, there’s no way that Facebook closing down or Google updating its algorithms would stop you from being able to reach out to your current and prospective customers. 

Because Email Marketing Is Part Of A Well-Balanced Marketing Approach

Most successful marketing campaigns combined several elements of email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, SEO, etc. 

And, as always, the best approach should be a well-balanced plan that factors in your business, your competitors, and, of course, your target audience. 

But, in the end, the biggest reason to invest in an email list is that the people on that list will have opted in to hearing from your business, which means that they’re already considerably more likely to purchase from you than somehow who’s just seen your company on social media for the first time!

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