Where is Ethan Gilman Now?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

5 year old, Ethan Gilman was abducted and held captive for six days in an underground bunker after a Vietnam War veteran entered his school bus and shot the driver. This episode was showcased and brought into the limelight with CBS’ The FBI Declassified:Saving Ethan. The FBI agents began a chase on the highway in the Wiregrass Region and it finally came to an end in Midland City where they found the 5 year old in a bunker. The FBI agents killed 65 year old Jimmy Lee Dykes who was Ethan’s captor. Ethan was however safe and was not harmed in any way. 

Where is Ethan Now?

Ethan always had a tough life and the abduction only made it more difficult for him to recover during that time. His mother had a lot of troubles with substance abuse which meant that Ethan spent his earlier years in foster care. During the time of his abduction his mother had cleaned her act and he was in her care. But it was shortly after his sixth birthday that the Dale County Department of Human Resources got involved and he was put in the care of his grandmother. His grandmother passed away and he then lived with his elder brother, Camren Kirkland. 

Camren took good care of his brother but was not able to afford doing the same. As a result of which, Ethan was snatched away from his as well. He was back in the foster system. But things turned around for him in 2015 when the Turner family came across him and they hoped they could adopt him. As soon as they got a chance they brought him into their house. 

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The probation period for foster care is 90 days and once that came to an end the Turners put in their papers to legally adopt Ethan. Once everything was processed, Ethan officially became a Turner. Ethan now resides in Abbeville, Alabama. He doesn’t need as many medication as he did before and has finally found himself rooted in one place. Ethan now has nine siblings to call his own. As of now, Ethan is 13 years old and has not much of a recollection of his abduction. 

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