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Website creation is really the second-most in-demand skill in various marketplaces today with rates between $20 and $3,000 per hour. So if you are skilled in website designing or are learning to work on projects to expand your existing skill sets, then this list is curated just for you. If you are a website design company in Kolkata they you need to work on google/SEO.

Our team has expertise in helping various businesses to ramp up their business website and has created the below-mentioned list to help you further. 

– :Fiverr is another platform built for a large variety of freelancers. Like its name denotes, Fiverr is marketed to being a low-cost leader for clients wanting to get a project done for cheap. But, that doesnt mean you cant find quality gigs there. Lot of people are searching for psd to html designer who can do it best for them and they are majorly searching on fiver, Freelancer, and all.

Fiverr is promoted as the low-cost leader for customers looking to complete a project quickly and affordably, as its name suggests. However, that doesn’t imply you won’t be able to locate good work there.

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Design news

The design community’s most recent news may be found on Design News. It also functions as a different job board connected to Tiny Board.

Contract, freelance, full-time, and remote-friendly design jobs are all selectable. There are more full-time jobs in offices that are open. However, it doesn’t harm to check in from time to time. On projects designated as contests, you can also place a free bid. However, you’ll need to do the work, deliver it to the client, and hope they choose you over the others.

 OpenSource freelance marketplace for Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and other platforms: Joomlancers

Joomlancers is regarded as one of the best places to find high-paying remote web development jobs for Joomla specialists. There are a lot of Joomla and Mambo-related projects on Freelancers, typically involving modifying Joomla! templates or creating extensions, but there are also other kinds of projects like design, translation, and the like.

FlexJobs Remote employment is evolving into the “new normal” as we adjust to the current state of affairs. A great place to look for flexible jobs is FlexJobs. FlexJobs has you covered whether you want a fully remote, hybrid, part-time, freelance, or flexible schedule. Similar to other job forums, but with application screening and hand-selection of ideas for relevant jobs.


Facebook includes a section for job postings as well. Either on a separate jobs page where you may sort the listings by area, industry, skill, and job type, or on a single company’s Facebook page under the Jobs tab.

Although they are somewhat important given the rise of spammers, it all depends on how you use the platforms and interact with the customers. Use the appropriate hashtags or search terms to find new customers, engage with them, and start selling your services.

The freelancer platform Guru is another. It appears that the only thing you’ll need to do to be accepted is to include a physical mailing address. There are different membership tiers.

You can place 120 bids per year with a 9% job charge with a free membership.

An annual Basic+ membership is $107.40 and entitles you to 600 bids with a 9% fee.

The highest level of membership is executive, which costs $470.40 and comes with 600 bids annually and a 5% project fee.


You can interact with other like-minded business professionals on this professional social network, and it also assists you in finding online employment. You can express your interest in potential new employment prospects under the “Open to Work” setting. By selecting the “Jobs” tab and then entering a keyword, location, and zip code, you may also check out further job search possibilities.

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