When Will Legacies Season 3 Be On Netflix Us?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

It’s worth noting that only Netflix in the USA carries Legacies and since we’ll explore shortly, the show is not likely to be coming to Netflix worldwide.

The CW won’t be airing Legacies season 3 in its normal October slot. On the contrary, it’s been transferred back alongside the other names within The CW’s slate. That is because production on the show, similar to most other shows such as Netflix’s slate, has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Filming is set to occur later in 2020 and rather started broadcasting on January 21st with 16 episodes expected.

When Will Legacies Season 3 Be On Netflix Us?

Unfortunately, using its delayed network tv, that means it’ll be postponed on Netflix too.

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The past two seasons have ever come on Netflix only eight days following the season finale and struck Netflix in April. Given the almost three-month delay (at least) it is likely Legacies season 3 won’t be on Netflix until July-September 2021.

Also, don’t stress that the show’s future is secured with a fourth season intended probably for later this season.

Will Legacies Be Coming To Netflix Outside The United States?

The show still remains unsold in most areas despite the fact that Netflix internationally does carry The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

That’s not completely uncommon however, in the last several decades, Netflix has set a bigger focus on its Originals that atmosphere globally as opposed to licensing the select US shows for global audiences.

We’ll let you know if this changes but for the moment, it doesn’t look likely. Most areas will probably have to wait until HBO Max’s global rollout instead.

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