When Tina is Dutta evicted from BB 16, Shalin Bhanot gets upset, but there is a twist in the story.

Tina Dutta evicted from Big Boss 16

Twist in the storyTwist in the storySSTina Dutta was evicted from BB 16. This follows Sreejita De’s re-entry into the Bigg Boss 16 house on Thursday. Tina being booted out during the first week of the show.

Salman Khan puts Shalin Bhanot in a difficult situation when he is told to hit the buzzer to save Tina Datta. And Sumbul Touqeer, but there is a catch. The catch was that if he activated the buzzer and saved both of them, he would forfeit the Rs 25,00,000 prize money. The alternative was to receive his prize money and have one of them eliminated if he didn’t press the buzzer. After hearing this , Shalin states that the situation is too difficult to make a decision in such a short time.

Salman Khan Admits his mistake on Tina Dutta

Later, as Salman begins the countdown, Shalin glances at Tina Dutta and decides not to press the buzzer to keep the prize money. Salman later asked Shalin to remove one person from the show between Tina and Sumbul, but she refused. Salman Khan admits to making a bad choice and says Tina Datta was the one whom the show booted off.

Tina was about to start crying, but she restrained herself. She requested MC Stan to assist her with packing her items. When it was time for Tina to leave the house, she said farewell to everyone. Shalin wasn’t prepared to go yet. Salman Khan is pulling another joke, according to Tina, and no one is being removed from the show.

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Twist in the story

Tina bid each person goodbye before heading out of the house. Shalin wasn’t yet ready to leave. Tina claims that Salman Khan is making another joke and that no one is being ejected from the show. Tina gives Abdu a warm hug before leaving the house. Shalin and others were still waiting at the entrance. Because he was still not prepared to accept that Tina had been evicted from the show. As soon as Tina left the house, Archana screamed angrily in the living room, “She deserved this, and I’m sure that the viewers were able to see her fake and artificial attitude, and that’s the reason she got evicted.”


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