When Is Love Alarm Season 3 Coming Out?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Love Alarm season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. The new season of this Netflix original series was added into the streaming service on Friday, March 12, 2021, and it has already a huge hit on Netflix.

Fans are already wondering when and if Love Alarm season 3 is arriving on Netflix.

Regrettably, Netflix hasn’t renewed Love Alarm for season 3 yet. We ought to learn more about if the new season over the upcoming few months.

I really don’t think Enjoy Alarm lovers have anything to worry about. I’d be surprised if Netflix cancels Love Alarm and Love Alarm season 3 does not happen at Netflix.

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 Love Alarm Season 3

When Is Love Alarm Season 3 Coming Out?

Fans are hoping, and understandably so, that Love Alarm season 3 is coming to Netflix in 2021. Regrettably, we do not think that is very likely. While we’ve seen Netflix release multiple seasons of some shows in precisely the same year, it doesn’t happen quite often.

It is much more probable that Love Alarm season 3 will be added to Netflix in 2022.

There was a big gap between the first two seasons of the Netflix series, but that was also caused by the pandemic and the production shutdowns around the globe. Assuming it is safe to come back to production shortly, Love Alarm season 3 might realistically hit Netflix about a year from today, in March or even April 2022.

I think that’s a fairly reasonable forecast for the Love Alarm season 3 release date. Production would need to start relatively soon, like within another half a year or so, for that to happen, but I don’t see any reason to stress that Love Alarm season 3 would be pushed before 2023 at this point.

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