What To Expect From Disenchantment Season 4

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

10 more episodes of Disenchantment are definitely on the way with a renewed season until the fourth season (part 4). When are they coming to Netflix and what can we expect with Disenchantment season four on Netflix? We will take a look.

The Matt Groening series produced exclusively for Netflix debuted in mid-2018 with new seasons releasing almost every year since.

In our opinion, the show started very slowly but slowly found its marks. Season three in particular has been our favorite so far with lots of laughs and engaging storylines from episode to episode. Plus, the visuals of the show continue to impress. That said, we don’t think the series hasn’t yet reached the same heights as Futurama or The Simpsons at its best.

Has Disenchantment Been Renewed For Season 4? When Will It Be Released?

So let’s move on to season four (or part 4 as it will be named on Netflix). It’s already been renewed with the final 10 episodes of the so-called second season (curse you Netflix naming conventions). This means that by the time Season Four (Part 4) rolls out, Netflix will have to decide whether it wants to continue the series.

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If you think it doesn’t sound like Netflix to renew shows this far into the future, you are right. Only a handful of shows have had the privilege with Orange’s The New Black being the biggest live-action title to have the honor, but some animated titles may perform well into the future.

As for when season four arrives on Netflix, it seems highly unlikely that we will see it in 2021. Instead, 2022 seems more likely, with the first being January 2022, but if the wait is as long as for season three, it may not be until April or May 2022.

What To Expect From The Fourth Season Of Disenchantment

Let’s recap the last episode before we dive into season four speculation.

Zøg is deemed unfit to be king by the tenth episode of season three and that means the crown is heading to Bean, who is now crowned queen. Any peace has been short-lived, but green smoke hits the castle and sees Big Jo and Porky return to apologize for their past behavior towards Bean and the gang. Unconfident, Big Jo is locked up but it is revealed that he works in secret with Odval.

On top of that, a garrison of ogres is en route to Dreamland, forcing Elfo to recruit an army, but ends up sacrificing himself and is eventually captured. Bean and mom are on their way to hell where Bean is about to marry someone who looks like Alva (but who’s supposed to be the devil) and poor Luci has the worst of it all being killed and turned wake up in paradise.

You can find a good breakdown on the last episode and some more speculation with Austin Burke who has been a huge fan of the series throughout. He compares the end of season three to The Empire Strikes Back with heroes scattered around and making it seem like there’s not much to do.

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