What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of Height Invasion On Netflix?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Height Invasion is available on Netflix. If you want to know when the second season will be released, read on! Developed by Zero-G Animation Studios, High Invasion is a captivating animated film set in an “abnormal space” that looks like a huge city with skyscrapers connected by suspension bridges.

It is a psychological and survival horror series that follows a high school student, Yuri Honjo, who is suddenly trapped in a world full of sinister interconnected skyscrapers. Unable to reach land and with the masked deviants wandering, his only guiding light is her brother Rika, with whom he communicates by phone.

When a “Mask” destroys her phone, she decides that she must find Rika and avoid being “pushed to the brink of despair”, since it seems that the Masks are not meant to kill. But to make sure his victims commit suicide. If you liked the first season, we tell you more about Invasion of height season 2!

What Is The Release Date Of Season 2 Of Height Invasion On Netflix?

The first season premiered on February 25, 2021, on Netflix in its entirety with 12 episodes of 25 minutes each. Regarding the second season of Invasion from height, neither Netflix nor the producers of the series have issued a statement about its renewal. But Japanese animation has always been favored by the streaming giant. Now you just have to wait a few weeks for both parties to see the returns generated by their anime!

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Height Invasion is a finished manga, and there are enough sources available for the anime to last for several seasons. If the success of the first season convinces the producers and those in charge of Netflix, it is expected that the release date of season 2 of Invasion from Height will be set for late 2022 or early 2023 on Netflix.

What Can We Expect From The Sequel Of Altitude Invasion?

The end of the first season shows us the victory of Yuri and his allies over the masks sent by Mamoru Aikawa. Yuri defeats Swimmer Mask before sealing the Great Angel’s abilities and bringing it under his control with his newly unlocked manipulation abilities. Elsewhere, Mamoru discovers that Reki and Yuri are siblings. The last episode ends when Yuri declares that she will find her brother and destroy this infernal kingdom.

In the second season of Highland Invasion, Reki’s search could continue. Yuri can discover new abilities. The brains and administrators of the game could also be revealed in season two.

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