What is Spotify’s ‘Supremium’ price tier?

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Although this is not the first time the firm has promised HiFi audio. The Spotify ‘Supremium’ tier is set to come in non-US areas later this year. According to reports, the popular streaming platform Spotify is preparing to launch a brand-new membership service called “Supremium.” That will give users access to a wider range of audiobooks and HiFi (high fidelity) audio quality.

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The story was initially covered by Bloomberg, which based its article on insiders it has been in contact with at Spotify. The new service would reportedly cost more than the current Premium subscription tier. Which gives customers the option to skip tracks and save music to listen to offline.

According to Bloomberg, Spotify’s ‘Supremium’ tier will debut in non-US areas later this year

This next new pricing tier is probably going to be predicated on a statement Spotify made in 2021. The statement stated about the addition of HiFi audio features to its platform. HiFi audio was one of the most often requested additions, according to Spotify at the time. Although the corporation had promised to start distributing HiFi audio later that year, it never did.

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More signs about Spotify providing HiFi audio surfaced toward the end of the previous year, along with rumors that the company planned to launch a new subscription level called “Platinum” that would cost about $19.99 per month. But even that didn’t work out as planned.

According to its most recent quarterly reports, Spotify’s financial losses grew at the start of 2023. Despite declaring it will reduce its global employment by 6 percent, the company maintained its operating losses were caused by advertising and labor expenditures and reported a bright prognosis for the coming year. According to a Bloomberg story, Spotify may be considering the price hike tier as a method to increase income and please investors.

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