What Do You Want To See On Prodigal Son Season 2 Moving Forward?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Is Prodigal Son new tonight on Fox? If you’re so inclined to need an answer to this question, don’t have any fear. We’re going to do our part to help.

Alas, the news that we have here is far from great as the Tom Payne series continues to be on hiatus for at least a time. The show’s return date at current is Tuesday, April 13, and there still aren’t all that much in the means of news out about the near future. We don’t have a synopsis for your next new episode, or further afield for what lies ahead beyond the trailer that aired after the midseason finale.

Is that still enough to meet a number of people out there? Probably, and for good reason when you think about all of the great stuff in there. Within that trailer, you’ve got a chance to see a good deal of dramatic twists and turns, particularly when it comes to fresh arrivals played by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Alan Cumming. If the objective here was to freak out Malcolm Bright and his sister Ainsley, here is your response to it: Success. The narrative will do this and then a few moving ahead. These figures require huge obstacles as they attempt to keep both their father and the Endicott investigation at bay. None of this will be easy.

On the outside looking in, we just wish there was a method to learn whether a Prodigal Son season 3 was coming at some stage between now and when the show returns. We are concerned about the future when you take a look at some of the recent ratings; it is ultimately hard not to be, but we know this is an excellent show filled full of intensity it’s worth being on the air for some time still.

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What Do You Want To See On Prodigal Son Moving Forward?

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