What Do You Think About Animal Kingdom Ending On TNT After Season 6?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

There is some fantastic news and bad news right now in regards to Animal Kingdom on TNT. Where do we begin?

The drama will be back on the air this summer. That is a very long time to wait, particularly since season 5 wrapped production late last season. Nonetheless, it is wonderful to at least have some more clarification after months and months of wondering.

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For those desiring a few more details, here is part of this logline setting the stage for what is to come.

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“The Cody family is] still dealing with the fallout from the events surrounding Smurf’s death, for example, family members out for revenge. With their realm with no pioneer, the Codys struggle to maintain their delicate alliance and to determine which of these will come out on top. Meanwhile, they search for more information on Pamela Johnson whom Smurf created the beneficiary of her estate. And again in 1984, an increasingly volatile 29-year-old Smurf is forging her own path raising Pope and Julia and leading the charge on harmful jobs with new and old friends.”

In a way, season 5 will be both a glance at the current and a further dive into the Smurf source story it has got a whole lot to take on, but we’re excited about it yet.

Now, let’s also have a look quickly at a few of the bad news: According to Deadline, the series will be finishing after season 6. The renewal was confirmed now, with the objective being the cast and crew could return next month to begin generation. This will allow the series to have a proper conclusion and we suppose in a way, it is at least nice to know that we’re likely to have that following such a long trip.

What Do You Think About Animal Kingdom Ending On TNT After Season 6?

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