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What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To All American Season 3 Episode 9?

Following tonight’s big episode, are you psyched to learn that the All American season 3 episode 9 reunite date at The CW? If this is so, we’ve got some good and bad news.

So where do we start here? Let’s kick things off with the bad: You are going to be waiting a good while so as to understand what’s next. How long? The show may not be back until April. It has now been verified via the voucher that Monday, April 12 is the return date. (You can see that below.)

As for the reason behind the delay, we have to imagine that manufacturing plays a large part here. Like most other shows on TV right now, filming was impacted greatly by the worldwide health crisis. There just are not as many episodes filmed because there typically are at this point in time. It is ideal to provide the manufacturers time to get more episodes in the can, and also The CW clearly feels like it is far better to broadcast episodes in big batches instead of sporadically giving you a few of them surrounded by repeats.

Because we are still so far away in the upcoming new episode, unfortunately, there’s no synopsis as of yet for that which lies ahead. With that being said, we believe there are a couple of different things you can anticipate. This series would always be to some degree football-focused, but it is also about how Spencer manages to handle each of the various conflicts in his lifetime. His connection with Layla and Olivia has been a focal point as of late, and we don’t have any reason to think that is going to change soon.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To All American Season 3 Episode 9?

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