What Arqam Cheema Has To Say About Copy Writing?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Arqam Cheema

Identify The Problem. Sell The Solution. That’s How You Market A Product.

A copywriter’s job is to know their customers and produce content accordingly. Therefore, behavior analysis and human temptation play an essential role in selling a product, and who knows this better than one of the finest copywriters in Asia.

I am talking about Arqam Cheema, Senior Copywriter, With over 300+ successful listings and deals worth $50k, it is not a stretch to say that he has made quite a remarkable name in the freelancing industry all across the world.

His experience serves as an inspiration to his juniors, and his wisdom lights a path for beginners overwhelmed by the fast-moving e-commerce community.

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Tackling The Dynamic World Of Copywriting

“Listing Copywriting & Optimization has become a vital module of any successful launch,” says Arqam Cheema. 

As a sales copywriter, it is imperative you stand out among the mindless robots forcing people to buy their products. You need to dominate the platform you are displayed on and captivate your customer’s attention.

Cheema explains the first duty of any writer is thorough research of their demographics. Who is the product for? Where is the brand launching initially? What are the basic objectives?

He states that setting goals before taking up any project is essential and aids you long-term. Moreover, he recently said that “the main difference between a basic listing and a market-dominating beast is merely the response to pre-purchase queries. ‘Answer before they ask’ is a strategy my team and I always apply to our projects. So take a guess what the results are!”

It takes a young man with exceptional experience and a copywriter with boundless potential to take your business to the next level without spending extra bucks. Arqam Cheema’s “The Harvey Specter of Copywriting” will show you how it’s done!

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