Westworld Season 4: Release Date, Cast And Story

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

It may be one of the most confusing shows to follow along, but Westworld season 4 was confirmed a couple of weeks before the Westworld season 3 finale, indicating the HBO sci-fi play remains hugely popular. The futuristic thriller from showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy reinvented itself last time around, and it appears to have retained enough of an audience to keep going.

“In the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of this not too distant future, we have thoroughly enjoyed every turn and turn,” said the president of HBO programming,” Casey Bloys in a company statement. “We can’t wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next.”

The previous season largely discounted the android-filled play park for the rich, as we spent most of our season in the human world. Its last scenes suggest that is not about to change to season 4. Spoilers for the Season 3 finale follow, so make sure that you’re all caught up until you dive into everything we know about the season 4 release date, cast, and story direction.

Release Date

We do not have a specific release date yet, but it won’t be soon. The gap between seasons has typically been two decades or so, which is not surprising to get a VFX-heavy series like Westworld. While the wait could be shorter if season 4 runs into eight episodes as season 3 did – the first two each had ten – it is unlikely we will see Bernard along with the gang again before 2022.

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And that is before any coronavirus disruption is payable, which will be wreaking havoc on TV and film production the world over. While shooting on season 4 sounds a way off, Nolan advised Variety: “I have yet to hear a pitch to how you could, you know, safely, almost resume production. Illness on a set is very disruptive, as you know in our small business. From our perspective, we were not enjoying here anytime soon. We gotta compose it .”

Cast And Story

We don’t know any particulars as to what’s to come, but we understand we will not be seeing a certain maniacal trillionaire again. Serac (Vincent Cassel) is now dead, with his ridiculously advanced AI no more controlling humankind.

What’s less apparent is the fate of Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood). Technically she will not be truly dead unless all the hosts die, as she had been demonstrated to be the template machine where all others were established. However, the femme fatale version of Abernathy bent on shooting down the individual world order appears to be no longer: Serac deleted her memories in search of the keys to the Sublime, a key host to that some hosts have escaped.

The thing is, humans and hosts, suffer from passing with such regularity in Westworld that there are always a chance that characters could return as hosts. However, Wood implied that Dolores as we understand her may properly be finished this time in a meeting on The Tonight Show: “I think it has been proven that you know, it’s quite tough to eliminate characters, however I do think certain things are closing.”

“Dolores is gone,” Nolan said to Variety. “We love Evan Rachel Wood and also we haven’t started talking openly about precisely what the show looks like going forward. But it appears very different.” Perhaps we might want to get used to some Westworld without her.

Back to the Sublime, and Bernard’s (Jeffrey Wright) final scene suggests that we may be heading even further in the future, possibly to find”a response to what happens following the end of the world”. After we find that he has the keys for this android afterlife, not Dolores, he places them on a mysterious headset. We see him covered in dust, as if he’s spent several years physically in the same spot.

Since humankind is descending into anarchy, there are still a lot to be resolved in the current. As Caleb (Aaron Paul) continues the revolution in Dolores’ stead, Maeve (Thandie Newton) searches for her daughter, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) assembles her host army alongside an android version of the Person in Black (Ed Harris), could we encounter different timelines together with Bernard in the future? Can we see a far-future world where the hosts are the dominant force? In any event, while no cast details are confirmed, we would predict these key characters will go back for season 4.

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