We’ll Keep You Updated With Any New Developments On Love Is Blind Season 2?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Reality TV fans were thrilled to hear the news yesterday that both The Circle season two and Too Hot to Handle season 2 are on their way to Netflix. With release dates in clear sight and coming up fast, people are wondering what the fate is of a number of their other guilty pleasure dating shows, such as Love is Blind.

Premiering its very first season back in February 2020, many were convinced that Love is Blind season 2 would be released around the exact same period this year. Unfortunately, February came and went, and now towards the end of March, we still don’t know a lot about what’s to come for the series.

If you haven’t tuned in to Love is Blind yet, all you need to understand is it’s a dating series that tends to get seriously cluttered, where contestants talk to other people through their own distinct pods and fall in love without ever actually meeting face to face. It is only after pairs become engaged they can meet in person. Sound chaotic? It was. And for any reality TV fan, it is a must-watch.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Release Date

Love is Blind season 2 is definitely happening, but unfortunately, we don’t have the official release date just yet. That being said, we do have confirmation that it will not premiere in April 2021, considering the April new releases on Netflix were released now and do not incorporate the new installment.

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The second installment began filming 2020, so we’re still holding out hope that it may premiere in 2021. Considering the very first season of Love is Blind brought us the likes of Giannina Gibelli and Jessica Batten, the pressure is really on for Love is Blind year two to live until the pure amusement that season 1 was.

We’ll keep you updated with any new developments on Love is Blind season 2.

And while we wait, make certain that you check out The Circle year 2, premiering on April 14, and Too Hot to Handle season two, hitting Netflix sometime in June.

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