Well Intended Love Season 2: Cast, Plot And Review

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Chinese Drama, Well Intended Love Season 2 create much feeling and expectancy after its success of season one. The chemistry between the leading casts was great that lead season one to become quite popular and hit play. Thus, naturally, audiences were expecting and excited to see both with the very same leading casts. Well, Intended Season 2 follows the notion of a contract union and had just recently completed premiering. Now, there is an eagerness among everyone to understand if the same concept with comparable casts will do the job for another time or not.

Well, Intended Love Season 2 premiered on February 13, 2020. Sohu Tv and Tencent is the first broadcast network for the drama. However, the drama also has an international presence through Netflix. Well, Intended Love Season 2 got released on Netflix in April 2020. The ratings for Well Intended Love 2 are average. Hence, we can’t state that the play is considerably highly rated or maybe underrated. The other name for the Chinese Drama is Nai He Boss Yao Qu Wo. Now, let’s have a peek into the drama together with its review.

Well Intended Love Season 2: Cast

Well, Intended Love Season 2 casts include Xu Kai Cheng, Jian Ze Zheng, Wang Shuang, Xu Qin, Ian Yi, He Qian Ying, Liu Jia Xi, Ding Ning, Huang Qian Shuo, and Li Qing Tian. They are depicting the functions of Ling Yizhou, Xiao Zhao, Xia Lin, Xiao Yu, Chu Yan, Jiang Yushi, Jia Fei, Fu Weining, and Wen Li. The casts from season one and year two are nearly the same including the major earners. From the drama, Xu Kai Cheng is Ling Yizhou that has its description as a chilly and overbearing CEO of the business. While on the other hand, Ian Yi Wang Shuang is enjoying the role of Xia Lin who’s on the path to becoming a celebrity but suffers from leukaemia.

Well Intended Love Season 2: Plot

The episode starts with a happen wherein Ling Yizhou and Xia Lin meet every other. Xia Lin finds Yizhou somewhat familiar after meeting him at precisely the same event. Xia Lin believes Yizhou to be the same man from a masquerade party for a year and follows him to learn more about him. However, Xia Lin somehow ends up in a compromising position with Yizhou. Later on, someone released the very same records in the news. Now, the news contributes to Xia Lin to bad light facing the general public. Consequently, she asks Yizhou to clear everything for her in a press conference.

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Well Intended Love Season 2

However, Yizhou announced Xia Lin because of her fiancee from the press conference instead of clearing her name. Xia Lin also continues to play along with him after never having many choices. Thus, both of them ended up in a contractual relationship with one another. The rest of the episode portrays the relationship of Yizhou and Xia Lin turning into a real one with the two of them falling for each other. In any case, Chu Yan also likes Xia Lin and her participation information leads him to disappointment.

At the ending, Yizhou and Xia Lin did wind up together. Time skips after five decades and she won an award. They also had a son together. A glimpse of this wedding is also revealed in the last event. The few lead a good life with an everlasting love in the end but they do have some smaller fights between them.

Well Intended Love Season 2: Review

I’d like to give Well Intended Love Season 2 a rating of 5 out of 10. Well, Intended Love Season 2 is a huge disappointment for anyone looking for something unique and original. There are very little difference between season and year two. Everything is the same up to the casts and even the idea. The only thing they’ve done is choosing season 1’s powerful method and replacing it with season two. Yizhou and Xia Lin nevertheless went into a contractual relationship just like in season one. The sole distinction is that the actress doesn’t have any leukemia in season 2.

In season 2, Yizhou does not have to resort to leukemia or any disease like that for linking Xia Lin. Hence, Yizhou becomes more likeable with the less crazed storyline in season 2. What’s more, it’s not essential that one must watch season you for going to the second. Both are stand-alone stories that happen in an alternate universe. The last episode also portrays the same matter wherein Xia Lin has any dreams having to do with the season 1 story. It shows that some people are meant to be together constantly, no matter the size and the world.

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