Wedding in Space? A space company is offering it for ₹1 Crore

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The organization, called Space Perspective, gives couples a wonderful opportunity to say “I do.” By placing them in orbit within a carbon-free balloon that has large windows for the finest possible vantage point of Earth. According to Jane Poynter, co-founder of Space Perspective, the waiting list to get married among the stars is already light-years long.

Poynter told The Cool Down that “we’ve already had people wishing to be the first couple to get married in space, so we’ll see who is the first.” Recent years have seen a lot of progress in space travel. It now presents a fascinating and doable option for individuals who aspire to travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

get married in space

For couples looking for a truly unique and amazing environment for their wedding, Space weddings can be an option

The idea of marriage in space, however, raises this experience to completely another plane. Well, this may happen now! There is a brand-new, even more, amazing wedding venue that is just extraordinary. A company is now going a step further and offering couples the chance to get married in space for Rs. 1 lakh per person as destination weddings grow in popularity.

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It has announced that it will allow couples to get married. By flying them into orbit in a carbon-neutral balloon. With wide windows to give them the best possible view of Earth. The six-hour Spaceship Neptune tour will be able to transport passengers 1,000 feet above the Earth.

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And then returning them down is believed to be the most magnificent journey. It plans to make its premiere in 2024 and has already sold 1,000 tickets. The opportunity to fly into the sky and exchange vows while admiring the lovely planet Earth from the edge of space is now being offered to engaged couples. The best part is that everyone may participate in this cosmic voyage.

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