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Are you starting out with your business website but don’t know where to lead? If you are wondering how much it will cost for you to create a website per day Or per hour, then let me break it to you that website designing mostly does not involve hourly or monthly costs. 

A website can be created in one of three ways: using a website builder, WordPress, or employing a qualified designer/website design company in Chennai. The method you choose will have an impact on the entire cost of developing your website.

If at all you choose to source this work to a freelancer you might have to pay hourly fees based on the freelancer charges but they will last as soon as the deliverables are delivered. There is no hourly licensing or other charges in website design. In case you want a costs breakup estimation, it is recommended to fetch a website design cost calculator. 

It is widely known that websites may be effective tools for businesses. The fact that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to obtain a website that looks professional is something that many small business owners are unaware of. In reality, it won’t cost you more than Rs 7,500 to create a website on your own.

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You can build a website that performs and looks just as well as one that would cost thousands of dollars to have constructed by a professional if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort. How much does it actually cost to build a website from scratch?

Below mentioned are the total costs involved in building a website

All you actually need for a simple website is a domain name (which can be purchased for around 750 INR per year)

web hosting (which starts at about 375 INR per month)

Subscription ($6 to $50 per month, monthly or annually)

Name of domain: $12 a year

$3 to $60 per month for supplemental apps.

Name of domain: $10 a year

Software for websites: $ (using

Hosting costs $6 monthly or $70 annually.

Design: 0 to 60 dollars once (depending on if you choose a free or premium theme)

Add-ons cost between $0 and $100 all at once (premium plugins may need paid upgrades or subscriptions).

$80-$240 (or more) in total, once.

The next costs that are recurring is spent on the upkeep of websites:

Name of the domain: $10 a year

$70 a year for hosting

Extras: 0 to 100 dollars

Total yearly: $80-$180 (or more).

The price is mainly influenced by the level of customization you choose. The cost of setting up and maintaining a company blog can easily go into the thousands. However, $100 to $200 per year with slightly higher upfront fees is a reasonable range for a straightforward, personal blog. If you get a website made from a website builder then you can exercise significant influence over the process but it will also need greater time commitment, henceforth, website design companies are recommended in such scenarios. 

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