Watch Robert Rodriguez Have Fun With Grogu While Filming ‘The Mandalorian’

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Grogu, formerly known as Baby Yoda, raises passions wherever he happens, and not only among fans of The Mandalorian or in regards to Mando, with whom he starred in an emotional scene in the last chapter of the second season. Also, within the filming of the series itself, several directors and actors have fallen under its adorable influence, highlighting the case of Werner Herzog obsessing over the doll and exhorting Jon Favreau’s team not to design it by CGI. Herzog’s love affair with Baby Yoda was the most beautiful thing that the first season of The Mandalorian brought us, but during the filming of the second, he found a new party partner.

Robert Rodriguez came to the rebound series, as a second option after a director who could not commit to shooting The Tragedy, and ended up becoming the main architect of one of the most spectacular episodes of the second season (what, well, that is to say much). The director of Spy Kids, which will shortly premiere Superchildren on Netflix, was able to record with his camera the return of Boba Fett with the features of Temuera Morrison and a great fight against the imperial troops in Tython, as well as the kidnapping of Grogu at the hands of Moff Gideon.

At one point during the shoot, he found time to pick up his guitar and score a blues with the Boy, seeing how he reacted to his chords by moving in a very striking way and showing that Grogu also likes music, in addition, to oppose Command or precipitate the genocide of an amphibian species. Rodriguez has shared the video of this moment to congratulate us on Christmas and recommending that we see the new season of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian as soon as it opens on Disney + and shows new scenes behind the cameras. Enjoy it under these lines.

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