Was Jennifer Aniston a member of Allison Mack’s sex sect? Truth came out

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Completely indoctrinated, Allison Mack was ready to recruit her own Smallville co-stars for her sex sect. The actress was in the service of Keith Raniere and had the mission to enlist vulnerable women, forced to have intimate relations with the guru. The 60-year-old man had planned everything by making his followers believe that he was giving personal development seminars within his NXIVM organization. To impress the recruits, he mentioned the names of famous personalities who had received their training. And according to rumors, Jennifer Aniston was one of them!

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Jennifer Aniston would have participated in a few introductory meetings with actor Gerard Butler but would have quickly stopped the costs. “Jennifer and Gerard did not go further because they were discouraged by the demands demanded by the organization,” a source told the media. The heroine of the series Friends and the British comedian, therefore, seems to have avoided the worst. Quite the opposite of the interpreter of Chloe Sullivan, who faces life imprisonment. Moreover, discover what the daily life of Allison Mack looks like as she awaits her trial for sexual slavery.

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