WANDAVISION: 5 Signs Things Aren’t What They Seem In Westview

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The new chapter of WandaVision reveals five moments that once again suggest that everything is not what it seems in the idyllic city of Westview that this time moves to the 1970s, and Wanda Maximoff gives birth to twins Billy and Tommy

That alone promises to change the rules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it has also shown some more than convincing signs that not everything is as it seems in Westview. In fact, this episode has dropped major hints as to what might be going on in the city, and there were some sinister undertones.

Here, we try to analyze what might be going on. Is it all the fruit of Wanda’s madness or is there something more sinister behind what is happening in the Westvie Universe.

What happens to Herb in Wandavision?

We met Herb during the second episode of WandaVision, and there was nothing particularly strange about him. However, something very strange is happening here, because while he is trimming the hedges, Herb starts cutting the wall as well. Puzzled vision signals to his neighbor that he is cutting the wall, yet he acts as if he has simply made a normal mistake.

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This has to mean something, and we can’t help but feel that Herb, forced into this twisted comedy reality like everyone else in Westview, was trying to get out of this reality.

Rewinding one more time

When Vision returns inside his house, he tells Wanda about the incident with Herb’s hedge and points out that he feels as if something strange is happening. She initially agrees (probably thinking he is referring to her pregnancy), but when he begins to talk about some of the recent events in town, such as dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Hart, his wife seems concerned.

And the scene reverses like it’s rewinding on a VHS player, and their conversation unfolds very differently. Vision seems completely unaware of what just happened.

That beekeeper’s exit from the sewers last week on Wandavision, we saw Wanda react with a defiant “no” before time-reversed, so we can’t help but think that the Scarlet Witch has some control over what’s happening. . Are you happy living in this comedy setting with your partner or are you under someone else’s spell?

Hydra again in the ads

In Wandavision we see another commercial again this week, and once again it has HYDRA as its theme. The ad follows a housewife who just wants some time to herself, which leads her to try “Hydra Soak,” a new bubble bath that promises to eliminate all her troubles. ” Come with me. Escape to a world of your own, where your problems simply disappear, ” says a voice-over. “When you want to escape, but don’t want to go anywhere… Hydra Soak. Find the inner goddess. ”

HYDRA also has a remarkable connection to Wanda, she was essentially created by the organization, so it could be that this announcement is another nod to her backstory. Alternatively, he could hint that HYDRA is somehow responsible for the strange dream world that Wanda is trapped in. Certainly, Wanda seems to have “escaped [d] to a world [of her] own,” after all.

Meanwhile, some fans think that the ad could be a reference to the Marvel television series Agents of SHIELD, which made a similar connection between HYDRA and the soap at one point during its broadcast.

Strange whispers

When Vision goes out with the doctor after the birth of Billy and Tommy, the synth finds out that the doctor has decided to cancel his vacation because, well, no one escapes from a small town.

That just makes it seem like he’s unwilling to participate in whatever is going on, but before Vision can think too much about it, he notices Agnes, agitated, whispering something to Herb. Vision pays attention to the conversation and hears Geraldine mentioned, and they both try to act calm when Vision approaches them.

It looks like Herb is going to tell the Avenger what’s going on (and possibly they’re all trapped), but Agnes stops him, and both proto acts like nothing’s wrong.

Remembering Ultron

Speaking with Geraldine after giving birth, Wanda reveals that, like Billy and Tommy, she is a twin and remembers her brother Pietro. Unfortunately, her brother died, and that’s when her friend seems to come back to reality. Geraldine points out that Ultron killed him, and it doesn’t really seem like Wanda wants to hear this.

She asks Geraldine who she really is, but her friend can’t remember it, and the presence of a medal with the SWORD logo seems to bother Wanda more than she might expect.

The tension mounts, but when Vision returns inside the house, Geraldine is no longer in it, and a seemingly rather sinister Wanda claims that she has simply returned home. We then see “Geraldine” shooting out from an energy field surrounding Westview, only to be surrounded by SWORD agents.

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