Vishal Choudhary Shares The Problems Behind An Unsuccessful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Vishal Choudhary

Seldom does any professional share his strategies and tactics but that is not the case with Vishal Choudhary. He is a renowned digital marketer and social media marketing manager who is dejected at the way novice marketers implement base strategies. Vishal Choudhary has spent almost 7 years in this industry and knows the caveats around digital marketing. He spends his majority of time in crafting digital marketing campaigns and managing social media pages of his clients.

Vishal Choudhary understands the hurdles that social media marketing platforms impose on the marketers. He says, “Merely building a page and invite users is not social media marketing. If you try to cut corners in the initial stages of the campaign, the chances of failing is high. You have to remember to groom and nurture your existing audience before moving on to expansion. There is no point is millions of inactive and uninterested followers that contribute nothing. It is better to have a small yet devoted followers that take your post and interactions seriously. A lot of this can be achieved at the early stages of you do a study on the target audience.”

Vishal Choudhary also likes to follow every happening in the global industry and aligns his strategies according to the best practices. He says, “Recurring customers and followers are only possible if you interact with them on a frequent basis. Posting and letting the comments flow is a bad decision. Always try to converse with the users that appreciate your efforts, like your page and have an unusual query. Leaving all replying tasks to bots only results in disgruntled consumers. I make it a point to hold live sessions meant for the audience to interact with the page owners, celebrities, public figures.’

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