Virgin River Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything The Fans Should Know!!

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Virgin River has been demonstrated to be a big hit with readers, and many fans of this romantic series are wondering whether there will be a season 3.

The next season of Virgin River currently holds a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Netflix original has made its way to the daily Top Ten several times which makes it a must-watch affair for those looking for their next romantic play obsession. Alexandra Breckenridge leads a talented cast in the exceptional story, such as Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, Lauren Hammersley, Annette O’Toole, and a lot more.

The story follows Breckenridge’s personality Melinda Monroe who answers an ad from the small titular town to be a midwife and nurse practitioner and also ends up with a big impact quickly. When it’s her medical duties or her love life, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this one, which makes it clear why so many are curious to know whether there’ll be a Virgin River season 3 within their future.

Netflix is no stranger to greenlighting additional seasons out of its originals inside the romance category. Including such hits as Love is Blind, Emily at Paris, Bridgerton, and many more, leaving the chances of Virgin River season 3 high.

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Premiere Date

Netflix hasn’t formally announced a premiere date for Season 3, however, the Twitter video of Breckenridge and Henderson producing the renewal statement was shot from the show’s set, suggesting that Season 3 might have been filmed and we could be seeing new episodes sooner than anticipated.

Any spoilers about the season 3 storyline?

This remains the largest question! In season 2, lovers got a few answers about each one of the main relationships in Virgin River, however as most of us know, more replies can often lead to more questions, especially in regards to Doc and Hope’s complicated connection as well as Preacher’s participation with Paige/Michelle’s cover-up. That season 3 will even address the two big cliffhangers in the season finale: What is going on with Doc’s health? Who shot Jack?

A number of the more recent storylines, such as Lizzie and Ricky’s budding relationship, are only getting started. Showrunner Sue Tenney is very interested in exploring Ricky and Lizzie more in the seasons ahead: “Ricky has an excellent arc at the books that I intend to explore.

Virgin River Season 3

Some enthusiasts may be turning to Robyn Carr’s novels for answers, but Tenney cautions they have steered away from the book show in recent events. “Finally, the way I look at the show is that we are likely to get as many seasons since we get,” she lasted. “And when we reach that last season, we want them to become where [writer Robyn Carr] has them”

Will the entire cast return for season 3?

Yes, even your favorite cast members will probably be coming back for the new season! Alexandra Breckinridge will reunite as Mel, Martin Henderson as Jack, and Naturally, Tim Matheson (Doc), Annette O’Toole (Hope), Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Brady), Grayson Gurnsey, Lauren Hammersley, Sarah Dugdale, Jenny Cooper, Daniel Gillies, Chase Petriw, Marco Grazzini and more of your preferred Virgin River sailors.

We will also be introduced to two new characters: Brie (played with Zibby Allen), and Tara (played with Stacey Farber). Brie is Jack’s sister, a spunky lawyer, and Tara is Lilly’s daughter, that has been helping her mother take care of baby Chloe.

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