Viral Video Claiming Arijit Singh Penned Vande Mataram

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

In a recent viral video created by Rehan Khan, a digital content maker. The reactions of young Indians to the National Song of India elicited a combination of amusement and alarm. Khan’s street quiz captures the real astonishment of random participants when asked who wrote India’s national song.

One response that stood out was from Arijit Singh

Among the different replies, one lady boldly ascribed the song to “Arijit Singh,” eliciting grins and laughter similar to the legendary reactions observed in Amitabh Bachchan’s performances. Another participant, while closer to the correct answer, confused the National Song with Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote the national hymn, “Jana Gana Mana.” Meanwhile, another response vaguely mentioned that it was authored by “some Bengali person,” later recognized as famed novelist Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

Interestingly, Chatterjee wrote the poem “Vande Mataram” in Sanskritized Bengali, which appeared in his novel ‘Anandmath‘, published in 1882. This hymn became extremely important during India’s war for independence. The Congress formally chose it as the National Song in 1937, with the opening two verses bearing significant patriotic value.

Notably, not all of the participants in Khan’s film were oblivious. Some openly expressed their ignorance or perplexity regarding the National Song. One lady answered unequivocally that she was unfamiliar with it, while another just said, “No idea!”

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The video not only delivered lighthearted moments but also highlighted a larger issue

Issues of a perceived lack of fundamental awareness among portions of today’s youth about important cultural and historical themes. This comment was not lost on social media users, who voiced dismay and stressed the need for further education on national symbols and history.

Finally, the video serves as a gentle reminder of the value of civic education and cultural awareness for young people. Respect and knowledge of national symbols such as “Vande Mataram” commemorate India’s rich heritage. It also fosters a greater sense of identity and pride among its people. Society should explore how to effectively cultivate informed citizenship and cultural appreciation in the digital age.

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