Vikings Valhalla: All you need to know about the spin-off of the famous series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Fans of Vikings can discover the last episodes of season 6. Thus, the series will end the story of Bjorn, Ivar as well as the other sons of Ragnar. The season is not lacking in action and there is a lot of tension between the brothers.

History was a huge success with this series around Ragnar and Lagertha. For more than six years, the show has succeeded in captivating fans and offered very beautiful battles with pretty settings. So, Netflix bet on Vikings Valhalla.

The channel will soon offer a spin-off and Michael Hirst will be in charge. This spinoff series will take place 100 years after the history of Vikings. So Bjorn, Ivar and the rest will be dead.

Nevertheless, even if the heroes will no longer be present, Michael Hirst assures that the spin-off will be worth it. Besides, he gave some details about it.

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Vikings Valhalla should give Vikings plenty of nods, Première echoes. Thus, fans will hear about Ragnar, Lagertha and even Bjorn. However, it will not be necessary to have seen the show to see the spin-off.

“You don’t have to know who Ragnar is to watch the sequel , but it enriches the series and I hope it will inspire people to go back and check out the first series,” Hirst said in The Collider.

If fans will no longer follow Bjorn and Ivar, other characters will be highlighted. “ The series will feature Harald Hardrada and Eric the Red , and maybe a little more familiar Viking names,” the showrunner said.

New heroes therefore for Vikings Valhalla who should captivate the public. Moreover, the public should not wait very long to see season 1 on Netflix. Indeed, the production has finished shooting all the episodes, despite the Covid-19.

So what to expect from the new series? As with Vikings, there will be some very good battles. Then, the public will have the chance to see Kattegat again, several years after Bjorn’s death. “ We are returning to Kattegat, the spiritual home of the Vikings. A changed Kattegat. It is an established place, one of the largest trading ports in Europe. Its size and importance have grown, ”he said. A series that promises to be promising

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