Vikings: This choice of Lagertha which put Ragnar in great danger

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Lagertha has already endangered her husband Ragnar in the Vikings series! We give you more details.

The historic series which is now coming to an end has fascinated us for 6 seasons. Moreover, from the start of the series, there are a thousand and one things happening in the very first season.

While we are just starting to get to know the main characters better, we find ourselves immersed in their incredible universe. We thus discover the hero of Vikings , Ragnar Lothbrok.

The young farmer with disproportionate ambition takes us on a quest for new lands. Besides, a large number of warriors will follow him on his journey.

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They have no idea what awaits them, but Ragnar remains convinced that he will find new lands if he goes west.

More motivated than ever, the young warrior will therefore set off on a discovery trip. The Vikings are therefore heading for England. They are obviously not alone in the world and will have to face other peoples.

This therefore gave way to a few more or less violent attacks. Moreover, Ragnar was able to count on the support of his family. We also think of his wife Lagertha who was also part of the trip!

Thus, during one of the battles in England Lagertha will make a decision that will endanger the life of her husband Ragnar. What happened ? We give you more details.


You should know that Lagertha, Ragnar’s wife and also a great warrior. Indeed, over the course of the episodes we even discover it on the battlefield.

The young woman has nothing to envy to other Vikings. His strength and courage will serve him on several occasions.

Besides, the pretty blonde will even end up being the head of Kattegat for a while. But before that, she was able to fight alongside her husband, Ragnar Lothbrok.

Only then, one day, she made a decision that could well have cost her dearly. During an attack in Northumbria, Lagertha surprises Knut, a Viking warrior, raping a young woman.

She then tries to stop him. Obviously the latter does not and even pushes with Lagertha. The man then becomes very violent and the young warrior is forced to defend herself.

She will eventually stab him and kill him . Lagertha then explains to Ragnar that she was obliged to kill him because he was raping a young woman and that he was going to do the same to her.

Only here, Ragnar must announce it to Earl Haraldson. Indeed Knut was his half-brother!

The latter is not very happy to learn this news. But Ragnar defends Lagertha and says he is Knut’s murderer.

Ragnar is then arrested. Finally Lagertha ends up confessing everything. Haraldson will eventually free Ragnar.

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