Vikings season 6: The end of the series is finally available on MyCanal

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The last ten episodes of Vikings are finally available MyCanal and Canal + Séries. This is something to make fans of the series happy. In any case, a large part .

In its early days, Vikings told the story of Ragnar Lothbrok , a 9th-century soldier, played by Travis Fimmel. This hero, inspired by a true warrior , took power in the small Scandinavian town of Kattegat before embarking on various expeditions, particularly to England.

The sets as well as the plot have seduced many viewers since 2013. Like any good series, it therefore seems difficult to wait for the rest. But good news! The last ten episodes of Vikings are now available

While this news may create euphoria for some, it may also cause frustration for others. Especially among those who follow Vikings on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video .

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Indeed, for them, only the first five seasons are online . They will therefore have to wait several months before discovering the sixth and last burst of 20 episodes. Patience, patience!

After several years, the creator of Viking therefore puts an end to this epic series . Thus, during an interview with Collider , he admits to being at the origin : “I told them (to the broadcasters) when it was going to end. I knew the end would be the discovery of America and this new Earth. This is what I had always expected ”.

Indeed, he needed to breathe a bit and move on. “ I have to say realistically that having spent every day, and sometimes part of the night, for 7 years, writing, reflecting and living this series, I had to conclude it. It was time. I needed to end the saga. “, He explains.

Before adding: “But more importantly, I needed to put an end to these last scenarios in a way that satisfied me and the audience. I didn’t want to cheat on anyone . I didn’t want to fool the actors, the characters, or the audience. The big challenge of a series is to wrap up all the different scenarios by doing them justice, in a satisfactory way. Which forced me to kill some of the characters I loved the most. So it was a very, very moving experience to write these last 10 episodes. “.

But don’t panic! Vikings will continue very soon , however, with a brand new series. Vikings: Valhalla will therefore take place 100 years later and will be released on Netflix by the end of 2021. To be continued

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