Vikings season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Know About The Series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The time has come, and Vikings fans will say goodbye to this iconic series. Today, December 30, the final part of the sixth season has arrived on Netflix. And with that, the final outcome of the attraction.

This is the end of one of the most successful series in recent years, produced by History and distributed here in Brazil by Netflix . That’s because the series was canceled in 2019 by History , but received a positive signal for an appropriate ending with a full sixth season.

But even with its end going on the air in 2020, fans will be able to celebrate one fact: the universe of Vikings will continue through a new derived series.

Vikings ‘ “continuation” , in fact, will take place years after the original story. In addition, it will be produced exclusively by Netflix . Titled Vikings: Valhalla , by Vikings creator Michael Hirst, the series will continue the narrative of the universe of his epic saga.

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Passing 100 years after the events of the original series , in this way, Vikings: Valhalla will dramatize the adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and Norman king William the Conqueror (who was a descendant of the Viking ).

These men and women will break new ground as they struggle for survival in a Europe that is constantly changing and evolving, ” says the synopsis.

Jeb Stuart ( The Fugitive, Die Hard ) was handpicked by Hirst to serve as the screenwriter for the spin-off , which he will use basically from the same team as the original plot he shoots in the Ireland series. Morgan O’Sullivan ( Penny Dreadful ) will also serve as a Producer.

Because 100 years have passed from where Vikings is located, obviously, we won’t see faces loved by fans – like Ragnar, for example.

But, even so, the creator tried to arouse a curiosity of the fans, saying that we can see some kind of cross between the stories. In an interview with ET , creator Michael Hirst provoked the presence of a face known to fans. But which?

Rollo’s future in Vikings remains a source of mystery. However, his presence will be felt in Vikings: Valhalla . When analyzing the historical context of the spin-off, Michael Hirst mentions the descendant of Rollo, who is involved in the invasion of England in 1066. Would the great-grandfather (do you understand) Rollo approve? In the original series, he participated in the invasion of Paris, so, yes?

Although fans are excited about the spin-off , many wondered why he didn’t continue the plot of any character directly.

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