Vikings Season 6 Part 2: What Happened To Floki That Was Not Seen In The Trailer Is He Dead?

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

The popular Vikings series is preparing for the second part of season 6, even the trailer for it has already been revealed, but many fans have been wondering if Floki died since the video clip was not seen, will there be dead? Check out the trailer.

The first part of season 6 of Vikings, left all the fans surprised with the indecisive destiny of Floki, a friend of Ragnar Lothbrok.

The last time Floki was seen, he was entering a cave, with a crucifix inside, which ended up collapsing on him. Everyone has been wondering the fate of it, but did it die?

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Now with the recently revealed trailer for the second part of Vikings season 6, the character did not appear to appear and now they fear that he is dead, but everything has not been revealed yet.

Many have been thinking that Floki, after choosing his path, was able to become a higher being or even a demigod or have the abilities of The Seer.

Due to the importance of the character, it is highly unlikely that Floki will be ignored by the end of Vikings, but despite that fans do not stop wondering if he will appear.

Let’s remember that one of Ubbe’s goals in Iceland was to search for new lands, but at the same time to find Floki. But will he find it by the end of Vikings?

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