Vikings Season 6 Part 2: Release Date Of The Ending And How To Watch Online

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

” Vikings ” is a television series created by Michael Hirst for the History Channel, which tells the story of the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his offspring. Ragnar was one of the most famous heroes in Norse culture, historically remembered as one of the first kings of Sweden and Denmark during the 8th century. Since its premiere in 2013, the fiction followed the life of this Viking, characterized by Travis Fimmel, but after his death, the plot focused on his children and the conflicts in which they were involved.

For its sixth season, which has been the last, ” Vikings ” divided the story in two, the first part of which was released in December 2019, to end with the episode ‘ The Best Laid Plans ‘ (6×10), originally aired on 5 February 2020, with a twist that no one saw coming for putting one of its main characters in check.

Shortly after Lagertha’s assassination, the Vikings lost the brutal battle against the Rus, with King Harald and, allegedly, Bjorn Ironside himself killed on the field at the hands of his brother IvarThe King of Kattegat was stabbed by the ‘ Boneless ‘ and his last scene was falling to the ground, at first glance lifeless.

What exactly happened to Bjorn and what happened to the other Vikings in the later chapters of the History Channel series? Does Ivar regain power? How does this story end? In itself, the questions are many, but happily, the answers are already here.

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 In the preview shared in July in the framework of Comic-Con 2020, ” Vikings ” confirmed that the king of Kattegat is alive, although very badly injured. In fact, in that state, he reappeared at the head of the troops of Ivar and Prince Oleg.

In conversation with TV Guide, Michael Hirst had previously shed some light on the future of the main hero:

 ” Well, he’s not dead. Is it? He’s very, very, very badly hurt. I can’t tell you much, but what I can tell you is that the next episode is extraordinary and several things that you thought were true, at the end of this turn out not to be entirely true, “he commented.

In a similar vein, Alexander Ludwig said that Bjorn would somehow return after being stabbed by Ivar.

“ I think it’s the big question, it will keep the fans watching. It’s true that it doesn’t look good for him. I’ll tell you that (…) In the next 10 episodes you will see that, even in death, the gods are on your side ”, he declared for the same medium.

Ludwig also pointed out that this is not the best time for Bjorn’s death.

“No. In the context of his character, no. But it’s also perfect. Nobody expected it, so I think it’s a cool twist. It’s something that I talked about with the creator in many ways and I said I wanted Bjorn to be stabbed at the hands of someone like Ivar. If it wasn’t Ivar, then it would have been by his hand or something so tragic that the audience empathized, ”he declared.

“Because it’s so obvious that Bjorn will finally come along and achieve all this greatness and defeat his brother and save the day. It is something that everyone wants. That’s why I liked that choice. But I also tell you that he will not leave without a fight. Whether he’s alive or not, you’ll see a version of Bjorn somehow added Ludwig.

On the other hand, Alicia Agneson, who plays Princess Katya in this last season, assured that the end of the series is ” really beautiful .” When talking to Metro, the actress commented that “ I think that when you do a program that has worked for a long time, you are always worried about the reaction ” from the public, but “ when we read the final episode, we were all silent for two days on set ”, Impressed by everything that was happening.

“ I hope the fans like it as much as we do (…) A series like this you must see until the end. And the final scene, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. It is really beautiful. Yes … yes, nobody saw that this would happen ”, he added.

Trailer Of The End Of “Vikings”

Actors And Characters From The End Of “Vikings”

  • Alexander Ludwig – Bjorn Ironside
  • Alex Høgh Andersen – Ivar the Boneless
  • Jordan Patrick Smith – Ubbe
  • Marco Ilsø – Hvitserk
  • Georgia Hirst – Torvi
  • Peter Franzén – King Harald Finehair
  • Ragga Ragnars – Gunnhild
  • Danila Kozlovsky – Prince Oleg
  • Oran Glynn O’Donovan – Prince Igor
  • Alicia Agneson – Princess Katia
  • Eric Johnson – Erik the Red
  • Steven Berkoff – King Olaf
  • Lucy Martin – Ingrid
  • Kristy Dawn Dinsmore – Amma
  • Andrei Claude – Ganbaatar
  • Adam Copeland – Kjetill Flatnose
  • Kelly Campbell – Ingvild
  • Ray Stevenson – Other
  • Amy De Bhrún – Jarl Hrolf
  • Scott Graham – Frodi

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