Vikings: Lagertha should never have survived until season 7

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The first season of Vikings, fans met Lagertha. The latter was Ragnar’s very first wife. In a recent interview, Katheryn Winnick gave some info about her character on the show.

Katheryn Winnick explained that Lagertha (Vikings) should never have survived until season 6. It was in an interview with Collider that she expressed her astonishment at Lagertha’s lifespan.

Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) explained: “I thought I was going much earlier, I will not lie. I was definitely ready to go sooner. Because I think this is the Viking Age, the average life was maybe 40 years ”.

The young woman also continued: “And I was already pushing her with the 50s and 60s as a grandmother”. She also explained that screenwriter Michael Hirst ” didn’t want me to leave “.

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She also added: “But if there is a time when I have to go, you have to write me something fantastic and amazing. I could never ask for a better ending ”. Fans still seem shocked at his passing.

A prophecy had also announced to Lagertha (Vikings), that a son of Ragnar would end up killing her. And that’s what happened. During many episodes of season 6, Hvitserk had big hallucinations.


During one episode, he stabbed Lagertha (Vikings) numerous times until his death. Hvitserk thought he was murdering Ivar. One thing is certain, the actress did not think she would last until season 6.

Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) said: “I do not know my character would last until the end. I read the first two episodes and being a huge fan of Michael Hirst, I had the chance to Skype with him ”.

She also added, “And to make his story unfold in a way that he saw. He may have seen many seasons. And he was ready to face them. And to plan them ”.

The Vikings actress revealed, “So I knew this was going to last a long time. But at the start, I was told that it would last maybe three years “. She also made confidences about her integration of the shoot.

The pretty blonde also explained: “I think I had five or six days after I was hired to fly. And moving all my life to Ireland. I prepared for it ”.

Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) also confessed: “I know the fans were very involved. And that they were writing letters to Michael Hirst to make sure I stayed on board. I think they even threatened him ”.

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