‘Vikings’: Is Ubbe’s trip to America inspired by a true story?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Months waiting for the final stretch of Vikings and the ten episodes that made up the second half of the sixth season have fired the story created by Michael Hirst in a jiffy. Unlike in previous installments, the last batch of chapters of the acclaimed History series has been released almost once in our country, Just 24 hours later, the final ten chapters of the fiction were available for consumption on demand.

However, although the followers of Vikings have enjoyed the second half of season 6 quickly, the team and scriptwriters led by Hirst have dedicated themselves body and soul to close the story as fairly as a general and individual level, saying goodbye the plots of each of the characters that were still alive in one way or another. If the outcome of the end of Vikings It has been better or worse, it will depend on the subjectivity of each fan, although Hirst had already promised that his main objective was always to provide a satisfactory conclusion to each protagonist: “I had to give the different plots a satisfactory conclusion, a conclusion that did not mislead And I felt that if I could come up with endings that were satisfying and justified, then the audience would feel the same. ”

After the broadcast of the ten episodes, we can say that the children of the always unforgettable Ragnar Lothbrok met with quite different destinies: Bjorn ( Alexander Ludwig ) and Ivar ( Alex Høgh Andersen ) dead, Hvitserk ( Marco Ilsø ) converting to Christianity and adopting a new name, and Ubbe ( Jordan Patrick-Smith ) arriving in a not yet conquered North America after passing through Greenland and a tortuous sea voyage.

Thus, in the final stretch of Vikings , Ragnar’s second eldest son becomes the first Viking to reach the American continent. But what is true about this trip to the Americas? Throughout its six seasons the series has been faithful to the story and constantly invented part of it

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The answer, more than a resounding yes or yes, the answer is a mixture of both. As far as is known, the real Ubbe never sailed to North America . His best known role is that of having been one of the leaders of the Great Pagan Army that invaded Great Britain in the 9th century, as the fourth and fifth installments of the series used to do. However, there was a figure known as Leif Erikson who is credited with being the first Viking to lead an expedition to North America. As documented, Erikson nicknamed this land Vinland (Wineland – Land of Wine), after having found vineyards there, but his foray occurred more than a century after the time when Vikings was set .

Thus, the discovery of North America by the Nordics has been somewhat accelerated in the series with the aim of closing the circle of what was started by Ragnar ( Travis Fimmel ), whose dreams of exploring lands not known to the Vikings by beginning of history have been finally covered by their children at different levels.

As creator Michael Hirst has assured Collider , the idea was always to end this way: “I always knew that the end would be the discovery of America. It’s what I always planned.”

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