“Vikings”: How Floki And Other Really Met

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

One of the most anticipated moments of the last and sixth season of “Vikings” (“Vikings” in Spanish) was discovering if Floki was still alive. Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) friend traveled to Iceland to create a new settlement, along with Kjetill Flatnose (Adam Copeland), but things didn’t go according to plan.

“Vikings” came to an end in December 2020 with the sixth and final season of the story that conquered millions around the world. The television series, created by Michael Hirst, is based on the legends about the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), one of the most famous heroes of Norse culture, known for having plundered Northumbria, France and Britain.

Although after his death, the drama followed the story of his children and the conflicts in which they were involved. In season 6 part 2 we can see the last battles of Bjorn Ironside, Ubbe, Hvitserk and Ivar the Boneless. We also got to know how Floki and Other met, one of the great unknowns of the program.


In the last season of “Vikings”, we found out if Floki was still alive. He traveled to Iceland with Kjetill Flatnose, but things did not go according to plan as Flatnose did not agree with Floki’s ideas and they ended up fighting.

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Heartbroken, Floki left the settlement and came across a cave in which he found a large crucifix. Afterward, the cave collapsed on him and the question arose whether he was alive or dead.

Following this, Ubbe tried to find Floki on his mission to discover the Golden Land. They introduced him to the mysterious homeless Other, who revealed that he had seen Floki prior to his disappearance.

Ubbe became suspicious of Other and believed that it may have had something to do with his death, as he had Floki’s jewels. Another was under the impression that Floki was dead and didn’t reveal anything about how the couple had come to know each other.

When Floki met Ubbe at the end of “Vikings”, he remembered Other and looked at him worriedly. This is why fans have come to Reddit to discuss their relationship and believe that Other may have stayed in the cave where Floki was trapped.

One user said: “I think Others lived on the volcano that Floki visited at the end of the fifth season.” While another noted that “in season six, Other gives many different explanations about his story, but it seems that he was a Christian who tried to evangelize the pagans and came to Iceland by chance.”

“During the fifth season, we did not see him once during the story in Iceland, but he knows all about the Kjetill and Eyvind conflict,” reads another comment. “I guess Other ended up alone in Iceland before the Floki and Co settlement and found refuge in a cave inside the volcano,” explains another fan.

Another debate tries to explain how Floki and Other had been trapped in the cave when it collapsed. “Wow. For MONTHS I wondered how that cross got there in the cave. This makes perfect sense. I have searched many forums looking for an explanation of what was understood by the cross, ”the forum reads.

“This makes perfect sense. I love the idea that Other was in the same place as Floki when the collapse happened and that is why the cross was there and that is how they seemed to know each other so well, “added another fan of the series.

Another question was whether Floki and Other left Iceland together, as he told Ubbe that he believed that Kjetill killed the boat maker. Other may have been lying, but from this it seems Other and Floki parted ways at some point along the line.

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