Vidur @bhookajaat; giving the complete insider of the food industry

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Vidur Sirohi

Vidur Sirohi, a Gurugram based food blogger, has been in the door blogging business for almost 8 years now. With his smartness, dedication and ability to see through the whole blogging world, Vidur has done a tremendous job at building his social media presence with his Instagram and other social media platforms.

Over the years, with what Vidur has understood and acknowledged is, in the past, while having a degree was highly important to get a proper paying job, in the 21st century, with so much evolution and growth, being an influencer has been a total boost. In the past years, being a blogger and an influencer is a much more impactful and paying job than any 9-5 job is. With the many fascinating experiences that Vidur has shared over the years, it’s been a delight to his audience to learn new things about how the food industry is growing and changing its marketing strategies. Vidur has been in the food industry for far too long, with running his restaurant, Cafe Gatherings in the past, Vidur then thought it wise to start food blogging and collaborating with various other brands.

Vidur’s social media presence, under the name Bhookajaat, has earned him a huge and tremendous following. With his dedication towards his work and the brilliant content that he provides to the 400k+ people who follows him from across the globe, it’s truly inspiring.

Through his experience over the years, it’s saddening to hear that how some associate food blogging as nothing but a mere way to get free food, and nothing else. But now things have changed as Social media has come up strong as a platform to provide livelihood opportunities; to earn money. Sadly, many people today care least about what they exactly wants from life and instead, take the easy route towards earning which apparently is food blogging for them. Now there are plenty of bloggers, doing unexpected experiments and at the very urge of wasting food. But through this all, Vidur has constantly kept his work organic and has never let anything affect the true essence of his work.

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Over the course ,Vidur does not really know where the food blogging business will be, but the good thing is, it may be at its peak by the year 2025. For those who are truly dedicated towards being a blogger, they can honestly make a career out of it like Vidur has. Instead of being invested partially and wasting food, be the one who’s so in love with being a food blogger. Find your motivation and inspiration by following Vidur on Instagram @bhookajaat.

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