Vagabond Season 2: Release Date, Storyline, Recap And What About Korean Dramas?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Vagabond is a South Korean TV series. It’s a thrilling action-crime series headed by Yoo In-Sik. The first season of Vagabond premiered on 20 September 2019. The show has a total of 16 episodes and the previous episode finished on 23 November 2019.

It stars Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok as principal characters. Apart from these, there are several different characters. The show is available on Netflix.

What About Korean Dramas?

There are many Korean dramas all over the world. Korean dramas mainly wrap up their series in just one season. The first season of Vagabond went extremely well. Is Vagabond coming with its new year? Keep on reading to know the updates!

Release Date Of Vagabond Season 2

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If you are eagerly waiting for a second season for the popular show Vagabond, then you’ve still waited for it. However, there’s absolutely no news about the launch of Vagabond season 2. As stated earlier, Korean dramas barely have some second season. So there is less expectation about a brand new season for Vagabond too.

Updates Of Vagabond Season 2

When asked to one of the lead actors of Vagabond- Lee Seung-gi concerning the second season, he stated that the series is famous and also has fans worldwide. He said that he definitely wants to find a continuation of this story and give the story a clear end. We could expect the launch of season 2 by 2022 or 2023.

Recap Of Vagabond- First Season

Vagabond premiered in 2019. The story revolved around a mysterious plane crash. Individuals over 211 were killed along with Chu-Dal-gun’s ( Lee Seung-gi) nephew. Cha-Dal-gun was a stuntman and the only protector of his nephew. When he learned about the plane crash that he had been broken.

Afterward, as the story continues Cha-Dal-gun came to know that the airplane crash was a proposed one. It wasn’t an accident. At the same instant, Cha-Dal-gun chose to locate the facts behind it advertising planned a secret assignment.

Meanwhile, he fulfilled with a National Intelligence Service agent Go Ha Ri ( Bae Suzy ) and she joins him in his mission. All they wanted was to know the secret about their evil government.

The show ended with the actors falling in love. Aside from that, the series did not have a clear ending. It left audiences in dilemma whether it was a happy ending or a sad ending.

What Could Be The Storyline Of Vagabond Season 2?

Season 2 could resolve the mystery behind the plane crash. All the offenders could be shown. In addition, the series could also bring some more love between the two lead actors. Let’s hope for another season to discharge. Fans certainly need a new season to truly have a gorgeous ending.

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