Uttar Pradesh to Introduce India’s First Pod Taxi: A Game-Changing Transport System

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Uttar Pradesh to Introduce India's First Pod Taxi

One of the Indian states, Uttar Pradesh, is at the moment getting ready to begin testing out the nation’s first pod taxi system, aka personalized rapid transit (PRT). This pioneering method of transportation will link the projected Film City in Noida to the new Jewar airport, becoming an amazing achievement for the state and the country.

A number of significant elements will be present in the pod taxi system. Pod taxis are modern, environmentally friendly that use specialized tracks to avoid clogged roads. Electricity powers these automated vehicles, making them a green form of transportation. They are at the forefront of contemporary transportation technology since they have a fixed passenger capacity.

A Look at India’s First Pod Taxi System in Uttar Pradesh

The pod taxi system will cover a route that spans 14.6 km, passing through notable landmarks such as Handicraft Park, Apparel Park, MSME Park in Sector 29, manufacturing facilities in Sector 32, Toy Park in Sector 33, and Film City in Sector 21. The anticipated travel time for the entire journey is approximately 20 minutes, and along the way, people will have to cross 12 stations. The authorities will implement the system in multiple phases, introducing a total of 690 pods, with the initial phase consisting of 101 pods. Once it starts working, the system is expected to transport 37,000 passengers every day.

The authorities anticipate that the project will have a cost of INR 810 crores, and they have planned a concession period of 35 years, which includes the construction phase. The authorities aim to achieve full operational status for the pod taxi system by the end of 2024, offering the area an innovative and effective transportation option.

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The Pod Taxi Project’s significance

The Pod Taxi Project is significant because it heralds the launch of India’s first global transit network. This initiative is a vital move in developing a nation with a more effective transport system and encouraging sustainable development. We are making a huge step towards accomplishing this goal by embracing automated, green transportation options like pod taxis.

While pod taxis have already become popular in a number of places, including London Heathrow Airport, Suncheon City in South Korea, Morgantown in West Virginia, and Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates, India is getting ready to adopt this cutting-edge technology with a forthcoming pod taxi system between Noida International Airport in Jewar and the Film City. The program aims to give Uttar Pradesh residents a convenient transportation choice while also reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

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