Urfi Javed speaks out about the “Fake Arrest Video”!


Recently Urfi Javed was an internet sensation.  She made headlines when a video of her went viral and showed two females posing as police officers arresting her for wearing short clothing. She is always active on social media for her fashion sense. In response, Urfi was charged by Mumbai police for the phony and deceptive video. However Urfi finally responded to the entire controversy by saying she had been detained by the “fashion police” and breaking her silence.

Urfi Javed announced her partnership with FreaksIndia on Instagram. Posting a video with the caption, “Arrested by the fashion police for my fierce fashion game, but nothing can stop me! I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my collection, FREAKIN’ UORFICATION, with @Freakinsindia. Ahead, some sweltering styles!

Arrested by the police. Urfi wrote on her Instagram account to address the ongoing controversy and set the record straight. While Saying that the entire arrest video was merely a marketing stunt to highlight her partnership with the company. But Guys, this was a shoot-related campaign.

Police in Mumbai File a Case Against Urfi Javed

Notwithstanding the campaign, Mumbai police have filed a complaint against Urfi Javed for the deceptive video. Mumbai police released a statement on their official Twitter account that said, “One Cannot Break The Law For Cheap Publicity! The widely shared video purporting to show a woman being taken into custody by Mumbai Police for indecent acts is not accurate. The uniform and insignia have been misapplied.

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A criminal case has been filed against those involved in the misleading video at Oshiwara Pstn under sections 171, 419, 500, and 34 IPC.  The police said. Adding that a case has been filed against all parties involved. But The fake inspector has been taken into custody and the car has also been seized. While more investigation is being done. Check Your Reality.

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